Fintech Solutions

Silverlake Axis is paving the way for pivotal Fintech innovations while changing the way business is done today.

Digital Reimagine


From safeguarding the savings of ordinary people to financing the world’s largest corporations, banks remain an essential component of the modern world. The Silverlake Axis Integrated Banking Solution (SIBS) has enabled leading financial institutions to transform their banking business and operations for the past 27 years. Using its agile and adaptive capabilities anchored on secure and sound banking practices, Silverlake Axis has already placed SIBS into the fintech ecosystem and brought traditional banking into this new era.


Insurtech is the next frontier for fintech. Aiming to revitalise the industry, it presents solutions to some of the industry’s most stubborn problems in claims processing, data analytics, and fraud detection. Our innovative insurance solution is delivered via Merimen’s Software as a Service (SaaS) platform and provides collaborative information exchange while continuing to prioritise security and minimise fraud. The service runs a cloud-based, end-to-end platform that communicates, transacts, and manages insurance claims, policy sales, and administration.


In a world disrupted by internet and mobile technologies, the e-commerce industry is poised to generate a significant amount of revenue within the next 5 years. Due to this, there is a trajectory of new e-commerce businesses and the need for integrated mobile payments, billing services, and capital investment is higher than ever. Silverlake Axis’ technologies powered the Growth Accelerator Exchange (GAX), which seeks to meet the needs of ASEAN businesses through fresh fintech solutions like P2P lending and payments.


Technological innovations are dramatically changing how entities within logistics function in nearly every aspect. Bulky manual processes like transportation management become more efficient through the adoption of web and cloud-based software, while the use of blockchain in trade finance secures sensitive data and helps to prevent fraudulent transactions. Silverlake Axis Collaborative Architecture allows technological adaptation which addresses industry needs, resulting in faster and safer logistics operations.


Fintech’s potential hasn’t gone unnoticed by governments worldwide. Fintech companies are increasingly welcomed into local startup scenes and challenged to solve country-specific problems. To encourage its development, governments are partnering with fintech startups and forming accelerator programs which focus on product development and funding.