Goh Peng Ooi

Founder & Group Executive Chairman

Member of Nominating Committee

First appointment as a director: 23 August 2002
Last re-election as a director: 27 October 2016

Mr. Goh was appointed Group Executive Chairman on 23 May 2006. Prior to that, he was Non-Executive Chairman since 2002.

Mr. Goh has over 30 years of experience in Information Technology. He obtained a Bachelor of Engineering majoring in Electronics Engineering from the University of Tokyo on the Monbusho scholarship.

He began his career in IBM Malaysia and held several senior positions over his nine-year tenure, his last being Marketing Manager for Banking and Finance.

In 1989 he founded the Silverlake group. Based on his foresight on the future of technology demands of the Banking industry, Silverlake has been established as a leading provider of state-of-the-art universal banking solutions. Today, the group is a multibillion-dollar organisation represented in 20 countries spanning from Japan to Australia, some of them listed in public exchanges, and has a staff force of approximately 3,000 worldwide. The business has since then also moved on to Fintech, Digital Banking, Cloud Computing and various other high-tech areas.

The Silverlake group has over 300 large customers who are located in approximately over 50 countries across all continents. The group has earned many industry recognitions since its inception including the IBM Partner Excellence Award (2012), IBM ASEAN Golden Circle Award (2012), Forbes’ Best Under A Billion – Best of the Best (2013), The Asian Banker Vendor Satisfaction Survey Gold Award (2014), Forbes’ Best Under A Billion (2015).

Personally, Mr. Goh has twice won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Malaysia, an award recognising entrepreneurial excellence – first in 2005, under the Technology Entrepreneur category; and the second in 2014 in the Master Technology Entrepreneur category. The World Chinese Economic Summit in 2015 presented a Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Information Technology to Mr. Goh; and more recently at the 2017 ASEAN Business Awards, he was conferred the prestigious Legacy Award. The Legacy Awards recognises ASEAN entrepreneurs that have created positive impact and inspiration within ASEAN communities. In a 2015 article about Silverlake, Forbes referred to Mr. Goh as the first tech-billionaire in Malaysia.

Aside from his business and professional achievements, Mr. Goh is very much involved in academics – particularly in Science and Mathematics. He is particularly interested in the research of the Science of Intelligence and its application to Human Actions and Economy, and where possible enjoys giving talks in various schools of higher learning. He specialises in the application of Category Theory, leading to the formulation of his Sigma Scheme, a new Time-Space view versus physics’ Space-Time, and with that clarity, built a high-tech enterprise based on that mathematical scheme.

Mr. Goh is a Fellow of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM), an Industry Advisor of the Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, a Fellow of the ASEAN Academy of Engineering and Technology (AAET), a Member of the ASM Science and Technology and Industry Linkage Committee, an Adviser of the ACCCIM Science, Technology and Innovations Committee, a Member of the Board of Governors of First City University College, the Advisor to the Japan Graduates Association of Malaysia (JAGAM), and a member of the International Advisory Council of the Association of Malaysian Economics Undergraduate.

Mr. Goh currently holds directorships in a number of his private investment companies. He does not hold any directorships in other listed companies.